Michael DeVine

Canon for Welcome

Fr. Mike was born and raised in Iowa, lived in Latin America for three years serving in the Peace Corps; and has served the Lord in the Episcopal Church since being ordained in 1977.

For nearly all of the past 40 years, Fr. Mike has specialized in Hispanic Ministry, founding two Spanish-speaking churches in Camden, New Jersey and Central Falls, Rhode Island. Originally, Fr. Mike came to Christ Church Cathedral in 2003 as the Canon for Hispanic Ministry, retiring at the end of 2012. Retirement lasted one week, when he began serving at St. Peter’s Church in Springfield, although only part time. He continues to serve there to this day. Fr. Mike returned to the Cathedral to work on a limited basis in the area of Welcoming Ministries.

Fr. Mike and his wife, Mariana Bauman, continue to live in Springfield in their home in Forest Park; enjoying all the opportunities life in Springfield affords. They have two grown children, Christopher and Marisa, whom they adopted as infants in Peru. They both live and work in Rhode Island; Christopher in an architect’s office, and Marisa as a senior accountant at the Mathematical Society. Mariana remains active in various ministries, especially for the Daughters of the King.

Canon DeVine can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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